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Search. Analyze. Recruit.

A comprehensive platform built to deliver targeted candidate, law firm and job searches as well as unparalleled market intelligence.

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Who's touching your data?

Who’s Touching Your Data?

The entire Firm Prospects platform is built upon a comprehensive and accurately categorized database resulting in targeted search results and precise analytics.

Our data is categorized by former employees of top law firms - professionals who understand nuanced areas of law from antitrust to zoning.

We also employ a proprietary artificial intelligence ("AI") system that has "learned" how to categorize data based on the work done by the above mentioned attorneys. This combination allows us to keep costs low while still having the highest quality data.

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Legal Recruiters

Law Firms

Hire, Retain and Predict

Finding the right candidate and retaining that individual is one of the most time consuming and costly challenges businesses face. Law firms are no exception. Firm Prospects' analytics can also look prospectively. With the assistance of a proprietary predictive analytics algorithm, our data can help customers identify those associate attorneys more likely to make a lateral move and, when deemed appropriate, take early action to retain them.

  • Our platform allows for seamless interaction with your preferred legal search firms.
  • In depth reporting and analytics can help you to target new candidates as well as retain your current attorneys.
  • Identify associate attorneys more likely to make a lateral move within 6 to 12 months.

Market Intelligence

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